Advantages — overhead crane Service

Efficient, Quality Material Handling Systems are Critical to Industrial Users’ Productivity

Heavy manufacturing and steel service industries rely on the use of cranes for high-capacity utilization in efficient storage, flexibility of products handling and faster response times to meet just-in-time delivery.

Midd Cities Industrial Park has the largest selection of overhead crane-served buildings in the Midwest and offers a wide variety of amenities to suit most heavy manufacturing or steel service users. Regarding crane service, this site features:

  • Multiple overhead-crane buildings with 19 cranes overall
  • Crane service with capacities up to 60 tons
  • Flexible crane span ranges up to 110 feet
  • Some have the highest duty cycle up to Class D

Heavy industrial handling systems need to perform increasingly faster, with more operational flexibility and, at safe and efficient speeds. All Midd Cities’ crane systems are professionally maintained to the highest standards to ensure efficiency and reliability. Many are controlled by means of a pendant switch or interactive radio control that allows operation from a safe distance.

Crane lifting steel

Looking to relocate or expand your steel service center operations?

Midd Cities Industrial Park can accommodate a wide variety of client requirements including buildings that have crane capacities up to 60-tons and is ideally suited as a steel service center.

We offer competitive market rates and flexible lease terms.
For more information about available buildings, call SqFt Commercial at 513-843-1600.

On-site overhead cranes offer capacity and span range flexibility.

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